Halloween Stay Connected Packet

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Our new Halloween Stay Connected Packet features 10 cards you can use to say "Happy Halloween" to all your friends and family. From cards with classic Halloween images like the Jack O'Lantern to those with more whimsical designs such as the Witch Classroom, this packet has got it all!

A6 (4 1/2" x 6 1/4") Cards: Jack O'Lantern (Die-Cut) on orange, Cat in Pumpkin on ecru, Coach, Flying Witch, Ghost Pumpkin on ecru (not pictured)

A7 (5" x 7") Cards: Directions to Oz, Witch Classroom, Skeleton Holding Pumpkin (originally on black, now on orange), Atlas the Cat, Hitch Hiking Witch


*Note: designs in the packet may change depending on available stock, so check the individual card images for the packet to see what is included at time of purchase