Stamps - Sheet of 10 Forever Stamps

$ 5.50

With most of us sheltering in place, but still wanting to keep connected, we thought it would be helpful to offer stamps through our website and save folks a trip to the post office.  A small step to keep our community safe and flatten the curve.

In the 1930s and 1940s Post Office murals brought a touch of beauty to Post Office locations across the United States.  The murals were designed to boost the moral of Americans during the depression and provide job opportunities to out of work artists as part of the New Deal.  Some 1400 murals were created as part of the project.   Each of the pane's 10 stamps features a detail of one of five unique murals.

  • 1 Sheet consists of 10 Forever Stamps
  • Please limit your purchase to a few sheets to ensure we can offer stamps anyone who needs them.  Thanks!

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